Captains Camp is the ultimate sports leadership program. It develops the all round athlete focusing on leadership and resilience on and off the field.

In October, 29 of Victoria’s young sporting leaders converged in Gippsland for the first touchpoint. These sports stars underwent rigorous leadership training, resilience training, effective communication strategies and sports psychology. They learnt:
  • How to powerfully communicate to small and large groups
  • How to cultivate deeper self awareness, compassion and confidence
  • How to build emotional resilience
  • How to create community and connection with groups
  • How to develop their authentic leadership style
  • Elite strength and conditioning training and techniques
  • How to deal with the peer pressure including drugs and alcohol
They are taking part in a 4 month program which includes 2 residential Camps, a Mentor Program and a Community Action Project.
Over 150 young leaders from across Victoria have graduated from the Captains Camp program since 2013.
“__ is an amazing young man with the world at his feet but honestly after this week away being apart of a wonderful experience he has come home so full of life. Before this experience his 11 and 10 year old brothers were just annoying as they are to all teenagers but ___ has came home and so far has spent hours interacting with them. It honestly has brought tears to my eyes. So from the bottom of my heart I thank you all for this wonderful joinery and I'm proud my son is apart of it.”- Parent
“Thank you all so much for your time and effort that was put into delivering Captains Camp. She had an amazing time and returned home to us with so much enthusiasm and passion to take back to her club and life in general.”- Parent
“She got in the car after camp and I asked her how the week went. She immediately responded with “it's the best week of my life.”- Parent

The story behind captains camp

Captains Camp was developed in 2012 by a team of passionate experts in sport, youth empowerment, resilience and transformational leadership. This team of experts led by co-founder Jamin Heppell, see the potential of every young Australian and know that grassroots sporting clubs play a major role in the character development of young people and contribute to the development of stronger communities.

This team also understood that Australian sporting culture is not without its challenges and can actually have a destructive effect on young people.

Captains Camp aims to reinforce and promote the positive aspects of sport and provide young people with the tools, resilience and confidence to tackle the challenging aspects of grassroots sporting culture and life in general.

If you are aged 15 – 17 and inspired to be the best leader you can be both on and off the field, then get involved with the 2017 Captains Camp.


Fiona Sanford
Game Changers CEO
0402 149 446