Our Girls & Young Women’s Leadership Program is an exciting program to equip the next generation of female leaders and sports-players.

In 2018, we ran our first ever Girls & Young Women’s Leadership Program for Melbourne Tigers Basketball Club. Over the program we focus on authentic leadership, effective communication, resilience, mindfullness and much more.

The girls had an amazing opportunity to hear from Louella Tomlinson, Womens National Basketball League Player (WNBL), and Monique Contii, Womens National Basketball League Player (WNBL) and Richmond AFLW Player, about what it is like to be an elite athlete.

Our program is designed to have participants reach their greatest potential, both on and off the field. We create tailored programs for groups that are empowering, engaging and impactful.

Over duration of the program participants engage and discover topics including:

  • Creating healthy and inclusive team culture
  • Growth vs Fixed mindsets
  • Authentic leadership styles
  • Public speaking and effective communication skills
  • Mindfulness and positive mental health strategies
  • How to engage and lead in their broader community
  • Resilience
  • Goal setting
  • Strengths and values
“She loved the weekend & spoke to us for a few hours about what you all did over the 2 days. I have never seen her talk for so long about one thing. Definitely inspirational!! She got so much out of it & enjoyed being with everyone. It is amazing to see the work you are doing (particularly with young girls).”- Parent
“She moved to this team to find and explore opportunities to grow and develop skills beyond a game. Her commitment is unwavering even though she is constantly challenged to meet significant demands from school. This leadership camp helps deliver on such aspirations. Therefore it’s important to recognise and say thanks to you and the team for helping to provide such opportunities to grow and develop our young daughters.”- Parent

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